Road to greatness.

What’s in a name? My business that’s what!

Guys! Its 26 minutes past midnight and I’m super excited because after months of trying to think of a name for my young business, I’ve got it!

Let me be real, since my first post regarding the business I’ve talked myself out of it 100 times. I’ve even said to myself verbatim “a glitter tattoo business is so lame and embarrassing”, like why so mean Priscilla? Love yourself a little A LOT gosh!

I was watching a YouTube video that was explaining that when you have an idea you have 5secs to make a move towards fulfilling it, however big or small. Otherwise your thoughts will start to fill your mind with reason to abort the idea and sit your bottom back down.

So just now I started an Instagram page, I got to the part of putting up a profile pic. Yikes I thought, “I don’t have a profile picture that is nice or business related”. The 5 seconds kicked in guys as my mind was saying “you can’t have an account without an image, no one will add or accept your request, you wouldn’t accept or add, don’t create the page, you are not ready, this is becoming more real, this is putting yourself a little too much out there, go to bed!”. Guys I probably had 2 seconds left so what do I do? I open word and type out my business name, add some colour and some glow that isn’t a glow at all, I grabbed my phone and took a picture, uploaded it to Instagram and finished the page.

My gosh my heart is pounding so much right now, by the way I did procrastinate some after I made the page. So the time now is 1am. Yo this fighting the fear thing is like swimming in wavy waters; my emotions are all over the place.

Well guys it’s come to the point when I tell you the name… my business is called…(Drumroll in your head please or out loud…but it is late) Glitz London. 

So guys

  1. Add me on Instagram – I have no pictures yet but walk with me, they shall come.
  2. Look in your request and accept me on Instagram too.
  3. Share this blog
  4. If you can make logos contact me lol
  5. Share this blog
  6. Add me on Instagram
  7. And lastly.. you guessed it SHARE THIS BLOG POST……………………………oh and ADD ME ON INSTAGRAM 🙂

Wow, when I wake up tomorrow I’m going to be so nervous lol ahhhh, oh gosh I’m going to post this and hope I haven’t made any errors because the 5 second thingy is kicking in. Once I post this I can’t delete the Instagram page because you all will know. I’m going now

Let’s speak again soon

Cilla xx

Founder of Glitz London



Cilla (Author)


  1. Djena Gomes

    I love reading you, it feels like I’m right there with you😘😘😘

    1. Cilla

      I was waiting for you to comment lol. Whenever I came to check my stats I go to the country’s to see if Netherlands comes up. I saw it so came looking for my comment of encouragement lol. Love you big sis xxx

  2. Cee

    Love this! That 5 second thing resonates! Haha! Good luck. I’m sure you will be successful. And glitter tattoos is so not lame. Have you seen the queues for them at any school fete?!? 😣😣😣 x

    1. Cilla

      lol thank yoou! A school fete is looking like my first gig! xx

  3. Megan

    Congratulations on your new venture Hun , supporting you always xx

    1. Cilla

      love you hunny xx

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