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Support!.. and the lack thereof

Everyone has that one friend or maybe more, that has a business venture online and eventually puts out that “real friends support each other” status or real friends don’t ask for discounts kinda thing, you guys know what I’m on about right?

excuse me while I take a bite of humble pie……. (shake my head)

I was the first one to say when I’d see such a status ‘is it by force though?’ or when you really don’t like the product/service your friend is selling why should you support? Now I have become one of those friends that has a business venture I get it and actually it’s not a nice feeling to know that your people won’t even retweet for you. Your friends that you’ve supported in the past by posting on social media won’t post even 20mins yet alone a couple of days on their social media.

If you aren’t blessed to hit the ground running and pick up momentum quickly in your new endeavours it leaves a lot of time to brood over the negative ‘what if’s’ of why you aren’t seeing things pan out the way you first imagined.

Now I am on the other side as it were I make a conscious effort to support other ventures/events that a friend is running or even a stranger as long as I believe it to be a good thing. I must say I draw the line at mostly music – if I think your music is profane or depicting anything I consider negative


Right so before this post sounds like a rant/vent let me change the direction and actually tell you what I’ve learnt in my three months or so of putting myself out there, which isn’t easy by the way because your very first thought is what if no one thinks you are good enough.

ok, so I have learnt that,


  1. sometimes people don’t know how to help so im going to tell you real quick. a) Shout me out for a least a day on your Instagram by posting my page or logo and tag me with a little caption of support. This could be a Instastory or a Instagram post. b) Follow me – each time someone follows me I become I suggested account when someone new follows you. That means my reach becomes greater without you have to do much more than hit the follow bu


    Instagram: @Hyphen_London
  2. I brought a journal by two lovely women on Instagram called @Hyphen_London. They sell high quality journals with inspirational prompts on the front. Mine says ‘Trust in your journey; timing is everything’. I am learning to trust in my journey guys because it’s not all about the stats and numbers it is mostly about the purpose and why!
  3. it’s actually a massive compliment when strangers make up the bulk of your following because you know it’s unbiased. One person who you doesn’t know from Adam has had a look at what you are doing and has decided, yes I’d like to follow you on your journey. It’s lovely when you think of it like that isn’t it?
  4. Network. Network. Network. basically make new friends! business friends, driven friends and like-minded friends.
  5. And lastly as hard as it may be (and it is hard) don’t take it personally and keep it moving as NO ONE signed up to be apart of you movement and still it’s not by force.

That’s it folks – I’ll probably learn more along the way but yeah for now, I’m actively getting over it.


lets speak again

Cilla x

Cilla (Author)


  1. Megan

    Great post cilla , take no offence and expect nothing my tip ! X Megz

    1. Cilla

      I feel you Megz… i defo feel you X

  2. Linda

    Thumbs up for this post, Remember the God Lord is your number 1 fan and with him all things are possible. He will continue to put the right people in your path.

    Lots of love your second biggest fan lol. Xx

    1. Cilla

      Lool Amen and thank you. When i get rich its me and you! And the kids and my hubby and a fair few others

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