Road to greatness.

Guess What?…

So I haven’t taken to blogging as easily as i thought but I’m back with another one so no bother.

I’m going to dedicate this post to a few people before I jump in.

My Husband – He has become a class A nagger! He constantly reminds me of things I said I wanted to do until I do it. It’s annoying sometimes but necessary because evidently I need the push and he’s great at pushing. If not for him and his seed money I wouldn’t be blogging or running Glitz London. His belief in me encourages me to keep going because I believe him when he calls me great. I’ll stop gushing now but big shout out to My Man! I love ya and look I’m typing.

Mrs Jessica Huie – now this woman right here makes me feel uncomfortable in the best way. When I first met Jess I was in uni and pregnant thinking damn it my life is over. Someone sent me her story to encourage me and encourage me it did; she was a single mum and killing it! I reached out to her and she became my unofficial mentor and her time with me really did play a part in me graduating University. But I don’t mention her because of back then but more because of now. Now-a-days my common excuse to get out of things or to talk myself out of things is to exclaim “I’m a wife with two kids, I can’t, I won’t, I’m tired, can’t risk it, I have other things to do, maybe when the kids get older.. Need I go on?! Jessica posted an image of her at home having a photo-shoot implying something great was coming and I just felt a wave of inspiration all over again concerning her. I no longer identify with her because she is a black, single mum not just reaching but catching the stars, Identify with her because she is a black wife and mother of two catching and sharing the stars. I was just like ‘Priscilla get back on it you have frigging stars to catch, you have girls to inspire, and you have to do something before your husband starts nagging!’ So shout out to Jessica Huie, you are amazeballs!

And my Friend who I’m going to call Oga because I don’t know if I should throw the name out there until said person reads it. I’m going to type the exact words that my friend sent to me in light of me telling him some news.

He said…..

“I would have been shocked because the way you described the position it’s as if God designed it specifically for you. So if you didn’t get it I would have said that was the counterfeit and the real thing was around the corner. You see when you take the steps you’ve taken (steps of faith) God backs you up. So right now I really believe each step you take God is with you because you’ve come out of your comfort zone, blog here, Glitz London there, you are blessed. God blessed you with that finesse. Here what, yesterday is an affirmation, there to encourage you through this journey. Do not forget it; it will get you through the tough times.”

Reading the above made me take a deep breath, exhale and think if not for my Lord Jesus I wouldn’t have arrived at this transition. I say this for many reasons I won’t mention now but I’ll say this; I have some great people around me who are not limited to the ones mentioned.

Okies let me share now (I’m not a fan of long blog posts and this is becoming one but I’m about to land don’t worry)

So the news I shared with my friend was that I’ve got a job! At the beginning of 2017 I knew I wouldn’t be a kept woman forever although it has major perks (shout out to my husband bank card of which is my best friend). I wrote down in my goals for the year when declaring 2017 ‘The year of Greatness’ that I’d find a job that fits around my girls and yooo I found an ideal job. It has crazy flex hours and good money. I applied for it two days before the deadline. I got an interview 2 days after the deadline and they told me I have the job one day after the interview. It was my first job search, application and interview after a year of being a stay at home mamma and I got the job, I accredit God’s grace toward me for this one!

Next – I hit 100+ followers on my Glitz London Instagram page this week, I am very excited about that and I’ve also learnt something interesting. The majority of people following me are people I do not know and a small handful of those I do. I said to my husband but how? Now let me show how I flipped my script and went from a pensive mood to an easy breezy mood. It is actually an absolute compliment, to produce something that a stranger that owes you nothing, has no idea about your life and its purposes to think, what you are doing here is cool enough for me to go with on your journey. Is that not a lovely and factual way to think of it? I’ve also bagged myself a high-profile client with a reach of 33k followers. I’m pretty impressed with that. You’ll have to follow my Instagram page @GlitzLondon to see who – ill post it up there next week because…

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW! I turn 29 guys – I’m almost 30 guys. My husband thought I was turning 28 and my mum thought I was turning 30 :/. I’m particularly excited about this birthday because I can already see how much I’ve changed and progressed from last year this time and I’m not pregnant ha! So i shall be celebrating growth, my new job and to many more supporters of Glitz London!

Those are my May highlights I guess and if you’ve made it to the end of this post wish me a happy birthday in the comments – I mean it’s not by force but do it yh!

Let’s speak again next time (Hopefully sooner next time)


Cilla x


Cilla (Author)


  1. Chan

    Happy Birthday pretty mama x

    1. Cilla

      thank you yummy mummy xx

  2. Melissa Gross

    Happy Birthday!!! What a FUN read. I especially enjoyed reading about your unofficial mentor and all the encouragement you receive from your hubby & others!!

    1. Cilla

      Aww melissa thank you so much. Thank you for taking time to read! Xxx

  3. Djena Gomes

    I love love love reading your posts, please do keep it up. There’s nothing greater than having influential people in our lives. Cause sometimes although we know we need to do something we allow little (sometimes imaginary) obstacles stop us but thanks to those people that believe in us (sometimes more than we believe in ourselves), we are pushed to conquer those obstacles. God strategically places stars in our universe. Keep up the great work babygirl, I’m so so proud of you.
    Ahhhh and I hope you had the greatest of birthdays yet, keep shinning. 😘😘😘

    1. Cilla

      💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 i feel so encouraged. You are so so right. I love you so much for your support and just alwlays being there for me. This has made me so happy and im still on a high from my birthday weekend xxx

  4. Megan

    Well done Priscilla , great post , congratulations on your new job & all that you’ve accomplished so far 💖🎀💋💖

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