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Glitz London with Aspire2Empower

Hey guys

This is my first time writing a post on my phone. My laptop is very dead but im in the mood to talk to you guys about my shenanigans this weekend. So any typos and that.. drop me a message lol.

Concerning Glitz London ive done bits and bobs mainly for the purpose of content on my instagram page @glitzlondon. This weekend though i was so very humbled to perform at my first event with a great non-profit organisation called Aspire2empower at their Empowerment day. I met such a great team of zealous men and women who have an infectious ambition to uplift young people and help them challenge the choices they make in life. Give them a follow,  after you finish reading this that is @Aspire2empower.

I was so nervous and thinking back on it I don’t know why. I had a flood a negative thoughts that travelled all the way to my belly (I’ll let your imaginations conclude that sentence). I ended up asking my forever patient and support husband to change his plans pack up the kids and come with, and being the man he is he did. He reassured me on our journey and I did calm down and get my mind right.

    My daughter’s little arm, more pics on instagram @glitzlondon

I shared a table with lovely women manning the nail bar. I kind of thought that they would get more attraction so after setting up I just whipped my phone out in prep for procrastination. My daughter then came over and said “mummy can I be your first customer”. I told her sure and I guess whilst I doing hers people clocked on to what I was offering. My chair had a bottom on it back to back for the 2 hours I was present. What I found funny was when I offered adults a glitter tattoo they werent very keen but that soon changed too lol.

I think saturday really gave me some clarity about the direction I want to go in. I felt so proud of myself and I look forward to my next booking!

I just want to big up my daughter too because of who she is in all her boldness, confidence and proactive traits. She wasnt at all phased that all the young people their where 13-18 yr olds. She helped the staff serve sweets, partook in the squat challenge, hoop challenge and even learnt how to box! So much so her boxing was made into a Monday Motivation meme on Instagram.. you may come across it. Shout out to @activewithamara and @thebowerpower

Although starting something new and being unsure of what the journey looks like it amazing all the little big boosts of confidence you get along the way that supersede the negative factors. This event was on saturday and im still pumped today on the Monday.

I’m so grateful that this is the kind of side hustle i can bring my kids along to and see them be proud of me too. So before i leave i think it would be fitting to give you all my Monday Motivational tip/saying and it is my foundation scripture. The scripture i often trace life back to.

Romans 8:18 For i reckon the present sufferings are not worthy to be compared to the glory that shall be revealed in you.

There is always purpose for what ever struggle you go through. Just try to keep going, keep pushing, get some tunnel vision and get comfortable with the realisation that the only way out is through! Push through and go get it!


Lets speak next time

Cilla X



Cilla (Author)


  1. Chan

    Aw this really is so lovely, well done. Lol Ny is so sweet and forever amazing me with her enthusiasm for life x

    1. Cilla

      Right! She made me so proud this weekend X

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