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Let me introduce myself. 

I am a christian

I am a wife

I am a mum of 2

I am a stepmum of 2

I am a sister

I am a good friend to a fair few id say 

and I am not where I wanna be in life, tis that simple 🙂

I declared 2017 a year of greatness for my family, that through prayer,  positive change and discipline I ( the self-proclaimed glue of the family) will make this year great.

I am fed-up with the stage of life im in and I’m ready to level up and so ive decided to hold myself accountable to you guys as I embark on my journey to ….. yes that’s right, Greatness!

So hit the blog tab and let’s go

I am bricking it but I am really unsettled so im going to try.

No longer settling for less.